Leaf Removal – Special Offer(s)

Leaf Removal – Special Offer(s)

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Feeling Buried?

Did the recent change of weather suddenly leave you with a big mess in your yard?

Of course, you could just take care of it yourself… but we know you’d just rather not!

If you happen to prefer relaxing over raking AND you happen to live in Albuquerque…

… for a limited time only – take advantage of these SPECIAL PRICES* on Leaf Removal!

Front Yard only = $40 (+ tax)

– Everything (up to 1/4 acre) = $100 (+ tax)

[Includes labor, travel, supplies, removal]

* Good for Albuquerque residents ONLY – otherwise regular prices apply

We Are Now Offering A Senior Citizen Discount!

We Are Now Offering A Senior Citizen Discount!

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Happy National Senior Citizens Day!

“For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute. We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by making sure that our communities are good places in which to mature and grow older.” – Ronald Reagan

reaganOn August 19, 1988, President Ronald Reagan issued Proclamation 5847 making National Senior Citizens Day an official holiday, to be observed annually on August 21.

On this day, we are encouraged to recognize the elderly citizens of our communities and show appreciation for their valuable contributions to our lives and to society as a whole.

In honor of National Senior Citizens Day, we are happy to announce that we are now offering a Senior Citizen Discount!

Blue Firework Confetti

All Seniors age 60 and over can now take advantage of 10% Off any of our Signature Services*

* Moving, Cleaning, and/or Yard Work

Seniors_Bubble ViewBy traditional definition, a senior citizen is anyone 60 years of age or older, and in today’s society this actually seems pretty young!

In fact…

Perhaps as a direct result of people living longer thanks to medical advancements and public awareness of healthy lifestyle choices, the numbers show that Senior Citizens are part of the fastest-growing demographic in the world today.

Did you know?

When it comes to new technologies, adults above the age of 55 represent 65% of all “early adopters.”

Not only that, but blogger, KJ Mason writes:

As of now, there are over 35 million users on Facebook, Twitter and Skype that are of 65 years or above. They are, by far, the fastest growing demographic. 11 percent of Facebook users are senior citizens, and use the site actively because 1 in 5 of that 11 perfect will log on for at least an hour on any given day.

– Read more here

Ways You Can Celebrate

  • Spend some time with senior citizens

Even if they aren’t your relatives, Seniors have amazing stories to tell, and most of them love to tell them! All you have to do is listen!

  • Show your appreciation for senior citizensVolunteer_Lady_Cane

We all show our thanks in different ways, so there is no right or wrong way tell someone how much we appreciate them – just tell them! 

  • Do volunteer work in support of the elderly

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to volunteer at a retirement home – you could simply volunteer your time, or you could always show off that juggling act that you’ve been practicing in secret…

Of course, If you are a senior citizen yourself, make sure to check for special promotions and giveaways at all of your favorite restaurants and local shops!

…and don’t forget to take advantage of OUR brand new offer  😉

Call us today!